Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spa Music at Home

I love the tips in your last posts Brittany on working through negative energy days and breaking the routine.  It's usually the little things that make the biggest difference.

For example, I've started turning the TV off more during the day and spending less time on the computer (as you may have noticed by my absence lately!). Instead we've been listening to relaxing music and it's making a HUGE difference.

I tend to need to have the TV on all day for "background noise". Instead I went out and got this CD player on Amazon:

Remember those?? It's like a MP3 player but you have to put these giant "compact discs" in there that only play like 10 songs at a know me and technology! :)  Although it does come with an MP3 cable if needed. I really like it. I have some older relaxing music Cd's I wanted to be able to play and also went and got some additional Cd's. This was also great to have on our last trip to play our usual lullaby music for the baby when we put her to sleep (in a crib!) in the hotel bathroom!

I wanted to find some "spa music" to play during the day at home. Can you imagine a spa experience without the music?? I think we underestimate and forget how healing and restorative music really is, and I wanted to see if I could bring some of that relaxing, peaceful atmosphere to my home.

I found that Amazon is a great place to find music. You can buy the CD, MP3 album, or individual MP3s. They have samples of just about everything and you can check out user reviews. You may also be able to find some nice MP3s for free!

 I did searches for "spa music" and "relaxation music" and "sound healing". After sorting through the options I ended up getting these:

Sound Healing
Sound Healing

Spa Dreams
Spa Dreams

Canyon Trilogy: Native American Flute Music
and Canyon Trilogy

All heavy on the flute with a touch, but not too much New Age-ness, which I discovered I like best.  You may like something totally different..and should be able to find it.

I feel so at peace now working around the house and started spending more time playing with my baby girl. I even got my husband to listen to music in the morning instead of watching the news, which I noticed was causing him to start off his day being upset and angry...which would usually last most of the day. He said he notices the difference already, after only a few days, and I see such great changes in him already. It's just hard to get stressed or worried with relaxing music in the background.

We are even thinking of getting rid of cable for the Summer now. I'm just so sick of zoning out in front of the TV. I love the idea of sitting outside, hanging out with my husband and friends in the evenings, working in the garden with my baby girl during the day. Kind of scary and drastic, but I will let you know if we go through with it!


Brittany Tally said...

I couldn't agree more! It's amazing what a difference music can make. Thanks for the suggestions! I've been trying to find some good CD's. (and you think you're bad about technology, I'm still not really sure what a MP3 is. Is that just downloaded music?)

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