Friday, March 18, 2011

DIY: Heirloom White Decorating

I feel like every frugal decorating blog I've visited has mentioned being obsessed with Rustoleum's Heirloom White spray paint. I didn't quite get it.. it's just white spray paint, right??

But I have seem some amazing transformations using it, taking collections of mismatched things, like dishes, frames, candlesticks, etc., painting them all heirloom white and getting amazing results.

Like Centsational Girl using Heirloom white to turn all this:

ugly brass

To THIS in the post here...white table final 
So yeah... I went ahead and picked some up the last time I was with my husband at Home Depot.

I can home and was frantic to find something to paint.

This ugly cheap plastic green flower pot was the first thing I spotted.

By the way, I went out and got this plant (at Home Depot) after much debate over the fake plant I was debating keeping at the end of this post. I decided you just couldn't beat the real thing. It makes me so happy every time I see it, as opposed to the fake one, as nice as it was.

Especially now, after a quick heirloom white makeover....

After seeing the color in person, I totally get why everyone loves it. It looks like an antique white.. something that was originally a bright white that has aged beautifully over time. I am obsessed now and am constantly on the lookout for things around my house to bring back to life with a little spray paint.

I think I may make a trip to the dollar store tomorrow to see it there are any hideous Easter decorations like these:


And use my now beloved heirloom white to turn them into these babies:


I'll share how any other projects turn out!


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