Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In the moment

I woke up this morning with a major urge to write a blog post, I just HAD to do it! It never happens anymore because "I don't have the time". Truth is I have the time, but I can usually find a million other things I SHOULD be doing. Well I'm going to start making journaling (blog posts are almost always something I have journaled about) one of the things I "should" be doing, because it always puts me in a better mood! And what's more important then that?

I've been working on trying to be in the present moment more. And becoming more grounded. Like literally grounded. I have been trying to make a point at least once a day to step on the grass with my bare feet and really take in the sensation of the cool grass between my toes. And to work in the yard once in awhile with out gardening gloves to feel the plants and dirt with my own finger tips. To put on that little bikini in the privacy of my own backyard and let the sun shine on as much of my skin as possible. Sitting outside in the cool morning, turning my head to the fresh morning sun and letting it warm my face. To not only be outside but to really use all your senses. To listen to the birds chirping, smell the grass, feel the wind blow through your hair. I realize now so much of being in the moment is just making yourself aware of the world around you. It is so important to step outside at night, look up at the sky, and allow yourself to feel small. 

It was a couple weeks ago I was closing up the house and ready to head upstairs to bed. The last light to turn off was our back porch. Usually I turn off the last light and it's just blackness until I can feel my way up the stairs. But that night I turned the back porch light off and instead of blackness I noticed the whole back yard was lit up by a beautiful silver light. I could not resist stepping outside and being a part of it. I turned the corner to the side of the house to come face to face with the source of the light. I couldn't help but smile at the full moon. My God! How do we ever take the night sky for granted! It is breathtakingly gorgeous! I try to remember to step out in the night and look up at the stars every once in awhile, even if it's only for a few seconds. Makes all the difference in the world.