Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Joy Journal

I was sitting here looking through my Thomas Kinkade book that I often like to do when I want to feel peace and calm. It is a book filled with many of his paintings, and next to each painting is an uplifting, beautiful quote. Some by Thomas Kinkade, some by other famous people. I came across something written by Thomas Kinkade that wasn't exactly a quote, but just a really wonderful idea...

"Everyday joys abound. It's a matter of perspective. For every trial there is joy. For every loss there is gain. Finding the benefits to typical challenges brings to focus the beauty of daily life. It's as simple as keeping what I call a joy journal, jotting down the small gifts of being alive. The scent of a fresh breeze. The handshake of a friend. Sounds and sighs. Aromas and textures. Life is a grand blessing, but it's one that is carefully made of tiny and simple joys. Just like a mural, it's pieced together stroke by stroke with the light and dark elements living together (one is never found without the other). A Book of Joy inspires us to open our eyes and hearts to these tiny but tangible building blocks that can create a world of celebration...and life of possibilities." Thomas Kinkade

In the past I have thought of having some kind of "joy journal", but of course I never actually started it. But I think now I might. There is something more powerful about actually writing little joys down, rather then just sitting there thinking of them. I think it will be a strong way to keep the joys front and center in our lives, and keep a comfort and happiness in our souls.