Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ucreate DIY Halloween Decor

I was hunting around for some fun DIY Halloween projects and came across this great new website,  TONS of complied DIY projects that have me totally inspired.

Like these DIY Halloween projects HERE:

I've been searching for the perfect inspiration for a Halloween wreath. I have a general Fall wreath now but want to make a new one specific for Halloween. This one is cute and seems basic enough.

halloween wreath tutorial
But this one is so cool and funky. I have some dollar store crows I'm looking to do something fun with, and I could make some of my felt flowers like on my spring wreath.

I want to do something cute out from this year and love these pumpkin topiaries. I'm thinking I could stick some cut-out Jack-O-lantern faces on one side for Halloween and turn them around after for a Thanksgiving/Fall decoration.

Should be easier enough to put some fun scrapbook paper in a frame with a fun black silhouette. And you could pick up cut out letters like that at any craft store.

I've been wanting to try making a pillow for some time, This looks cute enough that I may finally do it.

Coffee filter spider webs..brilliant!

I'm determined to make a burlap banner this year. Or something, anything, out of burlap.

And finally, LOVE the idea for this Halloween advent calendar..a bunch of little treat bags hung on a black spray painted branch.  Going to be a fun crafting season!