Monday, March 28, 2011

Breaking the Routine

I wanted to add something that I find REALLY helps keep me in a good mood. Throwing off the routine a bit. I say "a bit" because I believe routines are a good thing. It keeps us on track and helps get things done. But do you ever feel like you are going through a rut? That every day starts to feel exactly the same?

This was my husband and my night-time routine for a solid two weeks... Make dinner, eat dinner on the couch while watching Scrubs, sit on the couch playing around on our computers while some other random show played on TV, then finally give our full attention to the TV and channel surf until its time for bed.

After about a week of that something started to feel not right. We were totally losing touch with each other and losing touch with myself to be honest. So for the next couple days, we ate dinner at the table... ok I would really love to say I turned the TV off so we could have a nice conversation, but Scrubs is just one of those things I look forward to watching! And during commercials I would turn the TV down and we would talk :) But AFTER dinner is where I cut out the TV. No one needs that much TV in the evenings! Instead Austin and I will try and do something together. One of our favorite things to do is play a competitive video game. Ok I know what you are thinking, video games are still TV. But at least we are interacting, laughing, and having so much fun with it! One of our favorite games is still Mario Kart! I'm thinking about buying some board games to play in the evening as well (if you know any good ones let me know!)

The other night it was absolutely gorgeous out! So we last minute decided to have a bon fire in our backyard on a Tuesday night, called up some of our friends and had a great time! Who says you have to wait until the weekend to do stuff like that? Really helped to break up the week!

So after a week of trying some new routine type stuff, I really noticed a difference in both our moods! And we were definitely more connected with each other.

Again changing your routine doesn't have to be anything drastic (try taking a new route to work) it just something to break up the monotony of life.

Let me know if there are any little routine breakers that you guys come up with!


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