Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tiffany's Spring Purge: Master Closet

I mentioned in the previous post here that I've been very motivated lately to just purge all the excess in my home and life this Spring. So I started with the area that would make the biggest difference in my day-to-day life..the master bedroom closet.

 Ugghh..the closet.

I've always dreamed of having a walk-in closet. And it's wonderful and I feel so blessed. But the majority of the clothes I've been hanging onto either don't fit, or I just don't like, especially since having a baby. And most of those would end up on the floor on a regular basis when trying to find something to wear (no, I never did learn to try something on and hang it back up..much to my husband's dismay). I was wasting a few hours every week picking up all these clothes in my closet, the vast majority of which I didn't even like...some even making me feel bad every time I looked at them.

I started the process by being honest with myself. This was maybe the toughest part. I had to face some issues...what I really needed in my life now as a stay-at-home Mom, what is my "style" now, and, most importantly, why I was hanging on to so many items I no longer needed.

So this is the before picture:
 I had cleaned recently so it doesn't look too terrible.


I went through first and pulled out maybe 10 things to get rid of.

Then I realized that just wasn't going to do. There were so many things left that I was trying to make excuses for why I should keep them.

I went back through and pulled out anything and everything that I didn't love and didn't make me happy to see hanging there every day.

And THIS is what I ended up with:

It ended up being over a 100+ items!!  Shirts, sweaters, pants, shoes, belts, socks. That's not even including the hangers! I realized that all the mismatched hangers were bothering me. I know I know..there are many more important things in life...just being honest about what makes me happy...and I learned that matching hangers is a big one. Sometimes it's the little things. By getting rid of so much I was able to get the hangers down to just black and white. I'm a happy girl.

I knew that the process was going to be beneficial, but, despite how difficult it was to let some things go, it was so incredibly satisfying and liberating in the end!!

It's the most amazing feeling to be able to grab anything now and know it fits and that I'll feel good in it. I don't know if I've ever had a closet like that in my life. I think I was always trying to attain as many clothes as possible, no matter the quality, with the hopes that it would increase my odds of finding something to wear.

 I felt so empowered by letting go of all the things I was clinging to for years, for no good reason. Most of the clothes were from college and grad school  that just don't, even if they did, they just didn't represent the "grown up" I feel like now.

Now that my closet is filled with things I love, I'm so much more selective about any new clothes I'm going to buy. I realize that I have way more options that any one person deserves and don't need anything else.

And, the best part, there is plenty of room for my little Nugget now!!


Brittany Tally said...

Soooo.... you're going to give me all those clothes you don't want, right?

Jason said...

I'll be happy to go on a shopping spree too!!

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