Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DIY: Chalkboard Frame 'Love'

How cute is this??

Inspired by my crafting success with my wreath, I decided it was time to finally do something with the chalkboard paint I bought a year or so ago and had yet to do anything with...

I first heard about chalkboard paint on other blogs and loved the look of crafts like this one. 

To me, there's just something so 'home-y' about chalk messages. Is it just me??

You should be able to find the paint at any craft store. Would be a good thing to get with those 40% off coupons that are always floating around for stores like Michael's or JoAnn's. 

You really can paint just about anything with a good writing surface. You can get creative with what you paint. Even a flat piece of wood would work for a cute message board. I realized my first chalkboard craft had been staring me in the face for the past month in this perfect black frame Steph got me for Christmas. It was a plastic base and the paint adhered to it with no problem.

Speaking of problems...

I set everything up on the floor so I could sit and watch my 7 month old while I worked. I'm not used to having a mobile, curious baby yet. The second I set everything down she came flying from across the room as fast as her little army crawl could take her.

 Luckily I hadn't started yet.

So...just work on a table if you have a mobile probably would want to anyways...I don't know why you would work on the floor..I've just always been a work/study-on-the-floor kind of person...I guess I don't have that luxury anymore. Oh well..not really that big of a loss...


Is this not the cutest thing ever??
Love my Love Frame!! Love the look of the chalk and love even more that I can change it all through the year!
(please ignore the outdoor table we are using indoors that mortifies my husband because I'm still waiting for him to build all the furniture for the family I just like it.)

Please share any other fun chalkboard crafts you do or ideas you have!

(By the way...what do you guys think of my fake Walmart flowers in the picture above?? Usually fake flowers make me kind of sad (and I know how strongly you feel about them Steph), but I saw these and they kind of made me happy because they made me think of real flowers. I guess I could get a real plant for the spot. I dunno..jury is still out).

(Wow..sorry for all the side comments today..that's just how my brain works lately after 7 months without a full night of sleep)


Brittany Tally said...

Whoa Tiff! I saw this at your house but I didn't know you made it yourself! LOVE it!

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