Friday, February 25, 2011

Natural and Organic Deals and Coupons

**Hurry...most of these deal expire this weekend!**

I've been eliminating as many chemicals from our food and cleaning products as possible. I was ready and willing to start paying a lot more to make the change, but I've been finding a ton of great deals or coupons for Natural and Organic products that I thought I'd share.

Money Saving Mom is a great source for, well everything really, but in particular she has a number of links to some organic and natural deals. Some of my favorites:

20% or 15% Off Natural and Organic Products at is a great site for natural and organic products ranging from cleaning products, makeup, personal care products, supplements, and food...delivered right to your door! Through Sunday 2/27/11 you can get 20% all organic and natural products excluding Household Products with the code GREENUP20. I was a little bummed because I was going to stockup on their huge supply of natural cleaning and laundry products, which aren't included. BUT...if you are interested in Household products, you can use the cod SisBliss to get 15% off your first order (can also be used at  I've switched to all natural laundry products and am looking to switch out the rest of my cleaning supplies.

Seventh Generation Dish Soap $0.64 at Target: Did you know that at target you can stack manufacturer's coupons with Target coupons?? Stack this $1/1 Target Printable for Seventh Generation (under Household) with a $1/1 Seventh Generation printable to get Dish Soap for $0.64...or use towards another Seventh Generation item. I've been using their Dishwasher Detergent, so will probably stock up on some of that. There are a lot of other great deals at Target this week here!

$1/2 Happy Baby Printable Coupon. (expires 2/28/11) My daughter is obsessed with the puffs, so I stocked up! I also really like their baby cereals.

Money Saving Mom also has a link to a great list of other Organic Printables here, including some for dairy products like Organic Valley and Horizon, and Earth's best baby products.



Michelle Halvorsen said...

I have attempted to post this a few I apologize if you get it more than once!

I just finished my first order with
Thanks to Tiffany, I have been on a kick to really evaluate the chemicals we use in our home. Having a new little one around also makes you stop and think about the everyday things in our environment.(Especially when they end up in your baby's mouth)I started with the products I think have the harshest chemicals or chemicals I use to clean places that Ella is sure to touch- Bathroom cleaners and hardwood floor cleaners.
I am going to try 2 brands this go around- Method and Seventh Generation. I would love to hear feedback from others about natural products they have used and loved/hated around their home.
On a saving side...I used the code SOAPSPLASH on and they gave me 15% off the entire order plus free shipping. I tried to use the referral code :SISBLISS but it wouldn't take it. I put what was the easiest customer service call I have made in year. (only one prompt and I got a live person in under a minute) They not only applied the referral code but also gave my 10 dollars off my order. Using both codes I saved a total of $16.01! Not bad! THANKS SISBLISS!
On a side note this is the second time that I have had to call about coupon codes using or They have always granted me the sale even if it didn't apply to my order - so don't hesitate to call if website doesn't accept the coupon code.


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