Friday, February 4, 2011

10 Simple and Affordable Ways to Surprise Your Valentine

Ahh Valentine's Day.... I love Valentines Day.... Even when I didn't have a Valentine I still loved that day. Just the idea of it... a day to celebrate love. How nice. I think it brightens up the winter "blahs" a bit and gives you something to look forward to. I always like to decorate at least a little bit for whatever holiday it is, and like Britt said, I love all the clashing colors. In any other circumstance the colors together would be terrible. Pink and red together? Ew! But for this day it totally works.

So I was thinking about what to do for Immanuel for Valentine's Day. Every year (and yes, I know we've only been together for 3 years but I hope to keep up the tradition) we surprise each other with small ways to show our love. I wanted to share some ideas we have either done in the past, or that I've thought about doing. Obviously, these are things you can do for other special occasions as well, like anniversaries or birthdays. And don't worry, I'll save you all the "sexy" ideas like "wear lingerie".... I'll keep it clean ;)

1. Heart shaped pancakes
Get up early and surprise him with heart shaped pancakes with red food coloring. Garish with strawberries and whip cream. Be sure to have the table set with red, pink, and white! You can buy heart shape molds HERE

2. Valentine Cards
Buy a box of those valentine cards you use to buy as a kid for your classmates. Write little love notes in them and/or things you love about your valentine and leave them places where you know he’ll find them. For example: next to his razor or toothbrush in the bathroom, in his shoes, in his laptop or briefcase, on his car seat, etc.

3. Paper Hearts
Cut out a ton of paper hearts - all different colors, shapes and sizes and leave them all over. Have a bunch right outside the bedroom door for when he wakes up in the morning. Immanuel did this for me one year and it was so sweet! I pictured him sitting there late at night cutting out all those hearts by hand. He is too cute!

4. Send lots of love!
The most simple and easiest way to let your Valentine know you are thinking about them is to send him loves message every way you can think of. Text, e-mail, voicemail, Facebook, Gmail chat, etc.

5. Make his favorite dinner
Instead of going out to dinner make his favorite meal. For Immanuel it's any kind of pasta. He likes the really rich, heavy, cheesy kind... the kind that you wouldn't normally make because you can feel yourself getting fatter as you eat it. But it’s Valentine’s Day so who cares!

6. Rent a movie
Rent a movie you know he’ll love, make a big bowl of popcorn, light some candles, open a chilled bottle of champagne and serve with fancy glasses, and get comfy with lots of cozy blankets!

7. Frame a Photo
As a gift, get a really great photo of the two of you framed. It’s probably something you’ve been wanting to do anyway, so Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to finally do it! I like black and white photos. I think it always makes photos look more romantic and artistic.

8. Surprise Lunch
If you can, surprise him at work and tell him you a going out to lunch. Make sure you have a place in mind ahead of time! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. The surprise of you showing up and taking him out is enough. OR bring his favorite lunch to him and eat with him there.

9. Heart Shaped Desserts,
Make heart shaped dessert.... cupcakes, cookies, cake, brownies, etc.... one year I surprised Immanuel with heart shaped cupcakes. They were so much fun to make and decorate!

10. Message in Lipstick
Write a love note on the mirror with red lipstick and don’t forget to put the lipstick on then kiss the mirror :)

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Have fun!


Brittany Tally said...
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Brittany Tally said...

Steph! I love love love these ideas!! Thank you so much! And this is coming from a girl who has a text book guy as a husband. You gals know Austin isn't exactly the romantic type. It's not that he doesn't like romance, it's just that a lot of it can make him a little uncomfortable. If he came home to a dark room lite with candles and me lying there surrounded by rose pedals, he would probably giggle! So for a couple who isn't extremely vocal about our feelings for one another, these ideas are PERFECT. They are all so fun, creative and easy!

I totally love the idea of leaving those childhood Valentine's Day card everywhere. Austin always responds better to cute and sweet. And yes I have found the key to a man's heart really is through his stomach! Making Austin a steak for dinner is the equivalent of him surprising me with flowers. I swear sometimes when I surprise him with a giant steak dinner I see the shadow of a small tear form in his eye.

And the lipstick! Love it! I so wish he was going to be around on Valentine's Day because I would so do all these things! (sigh...)

I have one suggestion on the movie. Valentine's Day is obviously about romance, but there aren't too many guys out there that will want to sit through a romantic movie. I suggest a really fun, even slightly corny romance. Like Princess Bride for example. That movie is classic!

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