Saturday, April 2, 2011

Recyclebank and ThredUp

I'm in a "Green" mood today, getting my home garden started (I'm trying to grow veggies from seeds this year!), so I thought I'd share these 2 recycling websites that I like.

The first is Recyclebank. I'll be honest that I really just like it for the high value coupons. They occassionally have little games or videos to watch on recycling and such and you get points that you can redeem for the coupons. MoneySavingMom has a instructions on how to get 70 pts. here. Click around, there might be other points available still.

I was cashing in on 7 coupons for Free HappyBaby Products (we love the organic cereal and puffs) for 50 pts..but, bummer, they just changed it to 200 pts.  You can put in your zip code for local deals. Now I'll probably redeem my points for the $5 off a $40/$50 purchase at 2 of my local grocery stores for 30 pts.

Not bad for hardly any work. Plus you might learn something too...did you know that your typical grocery store carrot has to travel around 1,000 miles to get there?? Crazy.

I also wanted to mention an online clothing "swap" called ThredUp.  You can use 30 pts on Recyclebank to save $5 off your first ThredUp purchase, making it around $10 for a box of used childrens' clothing. It's normally $15.95/box...$5/box and $10.95 for shipping.  (I can also send you an email referral for a $5 off coupon if you'd like..shoot me an email or leave a comment).

Here is a link to how it works. Basically you can pick from the listed boxes of clothes in the gender, size, and season you need, and then, in return you list and send away a box of your child's clothes you no longer need. Kind of a neat way to recycle.

I thought I'd give it a try for some basic play clothes for the Summer. I was really happy with the particular box I picked.

I had a discount, so this is what I got for about $11:

8 - onsies: 6 carter's, 1 baby gap, 1 cherokee.
1 carter's long sleeve onsie
4 classic pooh items: 1 jean shorts, 1 jeans, 1 short sleeve button up, 1 long sleeve shirt.
2 just one year items: white shirt with matching green polka dot pants
1 carter's blue shorts
1 baby gap sweater
1 children's place purple short overalls
1 genuine kids jean short overalls
1 KRU denim jumper
2 carter's items: long sleeve hoodie and matching pants
1 carter's long sleeve t shirt

I was a little nervous after I placed the order that I was going to get a box of junk I couldn't use that wasn't even worth the $10, but everything I got in this particular box was really cute and in great condition. I'm really happy and think it was worth it. I can probably get by for the Summer with just these things.

Although, I should mention though that some of the boxes looked like they might be disappointing and probably not worth the money. Some tips: Sort boxes by gender and size. I'd suggest picking a box from a high rated sender and one with a link to a picture (most don't have pictures, just a list...the surprise is supposed to be part of the "fun", but I'm not big on surprises.

Happy Recycling..and couponing and getting cheap used kid's clothes!


Brittany Tally said...

I'm really impressed at all the stuff you discovered on your own, Tiff! What great ideas people come up with. I'm glad you've found happiness in trying to be green. It's a wonderful thing. I still have a loooong way to go with it, but I have definitely made some changes that I feel really good about. Even the smallest thing makes you feel like God's little helper!

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