Thursday, April 14, 2011

DIY: Framed Corkboard Message Center

I wanted to share this cute, quick, easy, functional little organizational project. I was sick of having papers all over the kitchen and only having a calendar of events in my head.  

I've had this picture from my first apartment sitting around. I don't really care for the picture, but always really liked the frame. 

So I just popped the picture out to use the frame. I used the picture as a template to cut out a piece of corkboard to fit.

I've also had my husband's old full-sized corkboard hanging out in my basement storage area. I like the idea of it, but to just put it up as is felt a little too "college-dorm-room/bachelor pad" to me (yes, I am a corkboard snob now). It was a little tougher to cut the corkboard than I was expecting. I had to use a combination of scissors and different sharp knives to cut out the board.

You could use any frame you have around for this project, and they sell just corkboard at any craft store or even walmart and target if you don't have a spare corkboard.

... And this is what I ended up with!  I love it and feel so much more organized now. The corkboard is great for things like invitations, grocery lists, and other important pieces of paper, that used to float around the kitchen. I just attached a calendar I had around to the back. I'd like to eventually make something for the calendar too, but not sure what yet. And I may also spray paint the frame and board, but I'm happy like this for now.



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