Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dining Room Inspiration

So we sold our dining room set recently (ok, it's been a few months now..), so I get to start from scratch re-decorating! Sounds like a dream...but it's a little daunting starting with a completely clean slate.

I realized I wasn't even sure of my dining room style. So I scoured some of my favorite sites like, southern living, and potterybarn, and cut and paste pictures I was drawn to into a Word document.

And I was really surprised by what I discovered! I really L.O.V.E. informal dining rooms. The cozy, inviting, beach-cottage-in-the-countryside-in-the-mountains-off-a-garden look. I like to call it :)

Can you imagine sitting down for breakfast here every morning? And then wandering in that garden for the day? This room is going on my wish list for heaven!

I love mismatched sets that looks like you gathered some pieces you love and threw them together. I realized I want a room people want to hang out it in and feel happy and comfortable and at home.  Not a stuffy room only used once or twice a year..and looks like it.

I like the softer colors and even the wicker here. Who would have thought! I really love this ceiling! I'm thinking of doing something like that in our kitchen down the road.

I need a new chandelier too. I'm not sure yet of my style. I'm kinding of torn between the pendant light above..
..a slightly more formal look with the little "hat" shades.

..and I like the lantern look too. Hmm. One thing at a time. I need to decide on a table set first.

This room is from the movie "Something's Gotta Give". Have you seen it?? If not, you MUST. Not because it's a great's just okay..but it's one of those movies you must see for the house! Every square inch is my dream home. Ahh...

Anyways, I'm really loving the idea of an oval, pedastal table too. I like the idea of squeezing everyone around it. Seems cozy and a better use of space. And not something I would have ever thought to do before.

I'm also loving the natural fiber rug. And I was surprised that I was really drawn to rustic, antiqued white tables. I saw this table in the pottery barn store and was in love. I wanted to bring it home like a lost (expensive!) puppy. I almost cried having to leave it behind.

Okay... so here's the problem. I ran this informal room concept past my husband and he hated it. He has in his head that dining rooms should be formal. I did too until recently, so can't blame him. Although, he'll also admit he has no sense of style and loves and trusts my decorating decisions. I want to respect his input and not come up with a room he hates. And, the more I thought about it, I still want a dining room formal enough that people don't feel silly eating a fancy holiday meal, all dressed up, in the room.

So what about this style for a compromise...

Dark wood, fancy table legs, color of chairs match the table..which says traditional and formal to me, to make my husband happy. But I like the more informal look of the chairs. I'm also thinking of doing a different style end chair, for my mismatched look. And I like the tie-on chair cusions. I could do them in an informal pattern, like stripes. Kind of like the idea of mixing things up with a formal chandelier too, like the picture above.

Does this style look inviting?? Like you would be happy hanging out for a cup of tea or sitting down to a nice holiday dinner??

I want to get something I really love that is good quality. But I also don't want to, and can't, spend pottery barn kind of money.

So I found these at Isn't usually the first place I check for furniture, but I was desperate and had searched everywhere else first. They actually have some pretty nice stuff for great prices!
Catalina Pair of Side Chairs
..for $145..for BOTH!
You can't even get half a pottery barn chair for that price!
Savannah TableRaleigh Table
And these tables, from jcpenney too.
The one on the left is $299, and I like it better, but it doesn't exend. The one on the right is $399, but can be extended. Hmm.. still looking around for a pedastal table I love for the right price.

So this is what I'm leaning towards right now. Might all change tomorrow, but I really need to just make a decision soon. I will let you know what I decide and share my decorating progress as I go!

I'd love to hear any input or suggestions!


Stephanie said...

I'll start from the bottom. I like the table on the right. If you are going for a look that is a little less formal I think that's the better bet. And the fact that it can be extended is important.

I love the style of mixing formal and less formal... and traditional and modern. I like the photo with the dark wood table and chairs with the pop of the white cushion. It makes it less formal and also adds the clean refreshing feeling from the white. You could add a more casual rug to make it feel even less formal. Maybe a natural fiber rug?

I love those first 3 photos. So cozy and relaxed. Could totally picture us with tea or coffee and sitting there talking for hours. I agree that it makes a good look for the kitchen. Then it would be just like the photo.. with the windows and door open so you could sit and enjoy your morning coffee with the fresh morning breeze :)

Brittany Tally said...

I love the "compromise" set! The chandelier in that last picture is my dream! Sorry this isn't about me or the chandelier, stay focused Britt! But yes I can see both yours and Brian's points. The idea of a less formal dinning room is so cool! Totally a place where you would want to chill with a cup of tea. But I do agree with Brian that I think a dinning room should be a little more formal. You can save your "tea room" for another area of the house. For a quick and easy date night for Austin and I, I will sometimes make a fancy dinner and we will eat it in the dinning room. Set the table, light a few candles. It's nice to have a place that feels a little more formal and special.

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