Monday, April 11, 2011

DIY: Felt Flowers

As promised, here is the tutorial for the felt flowers from my Spring Wreath post. It's the easiest, most satisfying craft ever. The time I made one I was so excited, I was like a crazy person.. sitting on the floor, surrounding by a sea of felt scraps, just pumping out one felt flower after another.

I picked up this felt from Michael's for like $0.30/sheet. You can also get it in bulk at a fabric store, but I wanted the different color options and didn't feel like driving all over town to find the cheapest felt in the area.

You'll also need scissors and a glue gun (if you don't have one, you can use this as a great opportunity to go out and get was an empowering purchase, I feel like a real crafter now! I just got the cheapest one I could find and it's perfect).
Start by cutting it into a square (I've done rectangles too, to try and get a slightly different shape).  You don't need to measure at all. Then cut off the corners, for a weird oval-like shape.

Then start cutting a swirl-y from the outside towards the center.

Starting with the outside end, start rolling the felt. Sometimes I glue gun it as I go, sometimes I don't. It all kind of gets glued together in the next step, so I don't think it matters too much.

Once you get to the end, you'll see that the very center of the circle is going to fit perfectly over the bottom and help hold everything together once glued. Some people like to use this side as the top..I prefer the other side. Whatever floats your boat.

I love any opportunity to use my glue gun! Just go to town with it!

And there you have it! 

You can get creative too, once you have the basic flower down. I like the look of making wavy cuts along the swirl (like the big, tan rose on my Spring wreath). I made the starburst flowers here by taking a long strip of felt, making little cuts at the fold (don't go all the way through), and then rolling the strip up like the roses. I can do a tutorial on those too, I'm not sure I explained that very well.

Felt flowers on my Valentine's day wreath.  

There you will now be addicted to making felt flowers too. My apologies.


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