Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valentine's Day

Do you guys, like me, just love the feeling of Valentine's Day? Well besides the obvious, it is a day you get to celebrate you and your hunny! But even as a kid there was just something about it. I loved all the bright, clashing colors, the yummy treats, and all the fun crafts. Maybe it had something to do with all the love in the air! Of course as a kid I didn't really have much of a concept of love, but I did always kinda wonder if the boy I had a crush on would give me a Valentine. Oh my gosh I almost forgot about Valentine's Day cards! Those cute, corny little things with cartoon characters on them that we would pass out in class. And I always had to make sure I didn't give the boys anything that was too mushy!

It's just a really fun holiday! Here is some good more grow-up ideas from who else but Martha Stewart.

I doubt I would ever get around to making anything like those ideas but the pictures are even just fun to look at. Kinda puts you in the mood for the whole holiday. And I was maybe thinking about having a little Valentine's Day craft party with some of my girl friends. How fun would that be?! Crafts are great. Really makes you feel like a kid again! And of course we would have to use lots and lots of glitter!!



Stephanie said...

I love Valentine's Day too. My favorite part is the little surprises. One year I got up early and made heart shaped pancakes and decorated that table with all red, pink, and white. And for after dinner... heart shaped cupcakes that I decorated with frosting and sprinkles! One year I woke up and outside my door were like a hundred cut out hearts that Immanuel made himself and a Valentine Day card in the middle of them. I think it' so important to do those little things for your significant other. Keeps the spark alive and adds excitement when things start to feel routine.

Tiffany said...

Nice ideas Steph! You guys put me in the V-day mood. I went out today and bought a few little decorations for around the house that make me happy.

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