Sunday, January 23, 2011

Be Joyful Series

I came across this really nice series from LifeAsMom on "14 Ways to be more Joyful". She points out such simple things that we can all easily do everyday but usually overlook.

"And having a good attitude — in all of life..— is a choice. Sure, there are physical and hormonal circumstances that can derail us. I don’t dismiss those. And I don’t pretend that Pollyanna never had a tough moment. But, many times when I don’t have a good attitude, it occurs at moments when I do have a choice to be impatient, to respond in anger, to raise my voice, or to feel sorry for myself. I want to be a woman who makes better choices. I want to make the days count."

"I want to be joyful instead."

Read the rest of the 14 Ways to be more Joyful series here.


Stephanie said...

Love this. It is so true. A good attitude is a choice. I need to be reminded of this every day.

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