Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Off Days

This is something I have come to decide is very important for mental health. I came to this realization talking to Steph the other day. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, some days are just destined to be "off days". The important thing to note here is that it's okay. I think sometimes when you fight so hard to make an off-day a great day, it is almost doing the opposite of the intended purpose. It seems that when I fight so hard to make an off-day a great day, it almost just exhausts me. What do you do when you wake up to an off-day? I say just give into it. Stephanie said something along the lines of "I think some days are just going to mediocre". I mean everyday can't be totally amazing, right? Because then the really good days wouldn't seem so good. Kinda like you can't fully appreciate how amazing spring feels if you never had the winter.

Sometime I feel like I get more done when I just give into an off-day. Let me explain. When I try to be productive when I'm really not feeling it, I tend to waste so much time trying to get myself motivated. I'll drink coffee while I play on the internet, procrastinate while making phone calls, slowly get myself dressed, drink more coffee and play on my computer a little more... before I know it I have wasted hours doing pretty much nothing. If I had just given into the off-day, or as mom likes to call it a "mental health day", I could have at least been doing something to better myself in some small way.

For example on a mental health day (we will now call it, sounds more optimistic), I might curl up and relax with some magazines I have been wanting to read, or work on something artistic, maybe finally accomplish some project I have been trying to work on for months.

Now, the biggest issue to work on here, is to have a mental health day without feeling guilty about it! Tiff & Steph, I know you have problems with this like I do! It makes us feel lazy because there is always soooooo much we could be working on. We need to tell yourselves, "It is okay for me to have a day to relax and re-charge!" Chances are you will only feel extra rejuvenated for tomorrow!


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