Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Power of a Walk

I took Koda for a long walk yesterday afternoon because he was driving me crazy.  I began the walk as I normally do, head down and a mind full of the days tasks. I just wanted to get the walk over and done with as soon as possible.  

At some point about half-way through the walk I lifted my head up and it was the first time during the whole walk that I noticed what a truly beautiful day it was.  The air was crisp and refreshing, the sky was bright blue, and the sun was so bright and crystal clear.  Instead of wanting the walk to be over as soon as possible, I enjoyed the feeling of being outdoors, and how good it felt to have my body in motion.  

I began to look at the world around me instead of the small piece of pavement directly in front on my feet.  I tried to take in the sensation of the warm sun on my face and the wind blowing the hair off my face and neck.  And the sounds of the little birdies all around me.  I couldn’t help but smile.  It was such a perfect day! How did I not notice it until now?

It made me realize how much of life is spent not noticing the little things. You hear it all the time, that "it's the little things in life that really matter".  It is so true. Then why is it so hard to notice those little things? Because they are little? Perhaps.  

I think we live our lives so caught up on the stresses of the day, To Do lists, and the countless number of other things that aren't getting done.  It causes us to live day after day not truly appreciating our lives and being stuck in a negative place... The rest of the walk I tried to clear my mind of any and all thought and just enjoyed the world around me and the beautiful day God has blessed us with!

Challenge for the weekend: Try to spend a full day appreciating all the little things in life... I read this in Whole Living magazine (Thanks again, Tiffany!). It is an Action Plan for one whole month.  It is for a complete body, soul, and lifestyle transformation; To give you a positive outlook on the world (which is what we are striving for here at SisBliss!).  Each day has something different to work on.  It could be something simple.  I really liked this... 

"Light your night. We can’t think of anything cozier than the glow of candlelight in winter. For every candle you light this evening, take a calming breath and think of one thing you’re thankful for”. 

That’s so nice, isn’t it? And there really is something about candlelight.  And this one… 

Look closely at something you haven’t seen in a while - the frost crystals on the windowpane, the hue of the tea in your mug, or the swoop of your partner’s eyelashes”. 

It’s all about slowing down, and enjoying the world around you!  Check out the rest of the action plan at

I would love to hear what “little things” you guys noticed and appreciated over this weekend!



Stephanie said...

Love this! This is something I need to be reminded of everyday. Thanks for posting it.

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