Saturday, December 4, 2010

No one knows Christmas like Dickens! :)  What I find so amazing about Christmas is that it is the one time of year where the world is united in joy and love. I'm not saying we have world peace, but most people do seem to be in a special kind of mood. I think it is so amazing to walk into almost any store and see decorations everywhere and Christmas music playing. In the evenings people are home with their families around the Christmas tree, making cookies. It is the one time of year where almost every household is contributing to at least one Christmas tradition at any given time of the Christmas season. And what I thought of when I was reading that quote in A Christmas Carol is that the magic of Christmas expands not only geographically, but time as well. People feel the same way about Christmas today, as they did around the turn of the century. Because Christmas is love and happiness, and that will never go out of style!

Those are great memories, Steph! And would definitely make my list as well. Going to find our Christmas tree was always so special and magical. Is it me or do Christmas trees have an energy about them? Like they are almost alive, just waiting for some nice family to take them home. And you have to pick the one that really speaks to you! Just me? Ok. Ha I used to get so attached to the Christmas tree. It was always so sad for me to see it out on the curb after the Holidays. Because it brought us so much joy. Do you guys remember how we used to have our "secret fort" behind the tree? We thought we were pretty sneaky!

Another one of my favorite memories was the Christmas we got our doll house. After Dad spent probably hours putting it together, I remember sitting in the den playing with it. I was so excited about that doll house! I remember we got a lot of snow that year on Christmas (at least I think so, I could be making that up to have the perfect memory) and there was Christmas music playing, and Mom was in the kitchen cooking. It is a really special memory to me!



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