Thursday, December 9, 2010

B's Secrets to Easy Entertaining

So I'm having what is really my first girls night. I've had my girlfriends over before of course, but I've never had an official "girls night party". And there are a few new girls coming that I've recently become friends with. I'm really looking forward to it! I plan to make it super Christmasy! 

I got stressed for a matter of a second, trying to think of what to make for food and wanting to impress everyone. But I quickly realized that the food isn't what it's all about. It is about getting the girls together and enjoying eachothers company! If I got stressed about what I would make every time I wanted to have people over I would probably never have company! 

So I think I found the secret to easy entertaining. Taking very simple ingredients and recipes and making it fancy! Tiffany, I loved all those recipes you sent me and those were exactly what I was looking for; simple, old-school food for large crowds that everyone loves! Such as dips and the classic cheese & veggie platter. I don't know how many times I've had people over and made the most basic, easiest thing in the world, and people would just "Wow" over it. I was always shocked. "Really? Its just BBQ chicken..."  But my secret weapon is to present it really beautifully on some fancy dishes and always garnish! Really fools your guest into thinking its something special and complex that took you forever to make!

I think you guys know Austin and my style by now. Laid-back and comfy! And my food is no different. I like to serve things my guest maybe wouldn't expect, but makes them feel all warm and fuzzy and right at home! For example a big pot of soup. I would say my second biggest tip to fun and easy entertaining is to do things that are YOU and that you are comfortable with. We aren't all Giada de Laurentiis! (even though I secretly wish I was) and I think your guest will really enjoy your own personal style. 



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