Saturday, December 17, 2011

Perfect Saturday

I would love to share with you my day of Bliss.

It all started by sleeping-in after the most restful night of sleep...ahh...

Then we packed up our breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and dog and headed to the park. There are few things in the world that give me more joy then watching our dog run free at the dog park, playing with all his newest bestest friends, splashing in the pond, and frolicking around with a big goofy smile on his face! Pure exuberance!

It is always such a fun way to start our Saturday mornings! And it is so enjoyable talking to the other dog owners. Dog people are always such nice friendly people.

Then we headed downtown to the Farmers Market. Farmers Markets might be my favorite things ever. It will always be a good day if I get to go to a farmers market! I got so much of my last minute Christmas shopping done. I was VERY happy about that.

And what made it even more enjoyable was that my husband was being such a good sport about it all and even seemed to be enjoying himself!

After we were done at the Farmers Market, we dropped the dog off at home and went to lunch at one of my favorite places. Always such a treat! Then I came home, ate like 10 Christmas cookies, and took a nap next to the Christmas tree. PURE bliss.

I woke up in time to see the most beautiful sunset out the window. I just had to get outside and soak in the last bit of this perfect weather. So we took a little stroll around the block in the crisp, refreshing air as the sun set and the Christmas lights started to come on. Just perfection.

I think I will end this perfect Saturday with a Christmas movie and a cup of hot tea... Life is good!


Stephanie said...

You are right. That does sounds perfect!

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