Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Must Make!!

Nothing satisfies my craving like these Pioneer Woman Enchiladas! I have made them multiple times and I can't get enough! I feel like I could eat them every day. 

For the red sauce I used a simple tomato sauce (the kind you find in a can without all the extra Italian seasonings) because it's all I had. But normally you would use the red sauce you would find in the Mexican food section of your grocery store. If using the simple tomato sauce like I did, add about a tablespoon of any hot sauce to give it more of a Mexican flare. The first time I made the enchiladas I added the black olives like in the recipe. I then discovered my five year old husband was spending his time trying to pick out all the olives instead of enjoying his meal, so I don't bother with the black olives anymore. And I certainly didn't even attempt the green onions. And it is still good with out the extra ingredients. 

The only other change I made was using wheat tortillas. I guess they make me feel like I'm being a tad more healthy. I would recommend trying the wheat tortillas they are quite good! I don't bother frying them before hand. Oh and I used a little less cheese.

Besides all that I followed the recipe exactly and they came out delicious! I really love the idea of making a homemade red sauce. So much better then anything you can buy. Enjoy!!


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