Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Heaven in a cup

Okay, so lately my new obsession is iced coffee. like REAL iced coffee. The kind that is cold brewed. It really is the best way to make coffee. When you cold brew coffee you can really taste all the delicious rich, bold flavors of the coffee and prevents the bitterness you get when brewing coffee hot. Here is my recipe for the perfect cup of iced coffee..

3 cups ground coffee. The darkest and boldest roast you can find.

9 cups cold water.

Add ground coffee to a large airtight container. Pour water over coffee grounds. Secure lid onto container and let coffee sit at room temperature 12 hours or overnight. When time is up strain coffee using a french press or through coffee filters. And Voila! You have the most delicious iced coffee! Coffee will stay good in your frig for about a week. When ready to drink serve over a large glass of ice. I like to us a flavored creamer with mine. 

Sooooo yummy! You gals will want to take a coffee break every day!

Mmmmm... nom nom nom

So sit back and relax with this tasty treat and make it a great day!


Brittany Tally said...

I forgot to mention you want to grid the beans relatively coarse because it will make them easier to strain.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for posting this B. I've been wanting to try your recipe.

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