Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Craft Ideas - thanksgiving decorations

I'm always finding fun crafty ideas when going through blogs..and then always lose the links. I thought it would be nice to post them here to both keep track of the links and to share with you guys. Then we can do a post if we actually end up making any of them (**fingers crossed that I actually follow through!**)

I love this idea and it looks pretty easy. I really want to work on bringing a more personalized touch to the home to surround me with more family pictures and things with meaning.
Thanks Board

I was thinking you could also do one with your last name and hang family pictures below. I think I would just buy those little wooden letter from Joann's.

(and check out this blog for inspiration for the design of ours!!) (Check out that "posts by author tab!")

I love this "be thankful" board also. I'm really getting into making my own holiday decorations.

You could do this for any holiday. You could also make it on a piece of paper instead of the board and use a frame you already have (or get one at the dollar store).


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