Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Craft Ideas - Christmas

That site has a ton of great ideas! Here's a link with template for christmas cards. Making homemade cards is on my "super-mom" to-do list :)   This would be an easy way to start.

And I really want to make an advent calendar to countdown the days to christmas. Do you guys remember that little cardboard one Mom had..where you'd open a little door or window each day leading up to christmas and there'd be a little christmas scene behind it. I LOVED that thing. It was so fun for building anticipation and excitement leading up to christmas day!

I want something that combines the countdown with each day getting a new little ornament to hang on a little tree and some christmas activity for the day, ie. make cookies, drive around and look at lights with a cup of hot chocolate, watch a christmas movie, play a board game, etc.

This site has a lot of good ideas for making an advent calendar.

I like the idea of finding 25 little stockings, numbering them, then having the ornament and a piece of paper with the activity inside. Then I'd just need to find the ornaments and a little tree to have nearby.

I also really wanted to make homemade gifts of some kind for my friends this year. I love giving gifts but don't want to spend a lot of money of give something too nice where the other person feels obligated to reciprocate. I think these gifts in a jar ideas are perfect.

all crafts 48 Homemade Gifts in a Jar


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