Saturday, October 23, 2010

Need to start somewhere..

We've been talking so much about getting the blog going, so I thought I would just pull the trigger and start one. If we don't do it now, we probably never will! Let's just start posting and see where it goes from there. We'll figure out what we want out of it as we go along.

For me, I just really want a place for us to 1) share what's going on in our lives; and 2) help keep each other on task with our little "life improvement" projects.  I know we've all been feeling a little lost and confused about what we want out of our "new lives" now that you two are newlyweds and things are settling down around here for me since Elizabeth was born (I'll just call her EB from now on, since that's what's you guys have been calling her..and it's much easier than typing out her full name! :) Can you believe she's already 4 months old?!?

So...what do I want to work on during the next week?....

My goal for right now is to make and post a day-by-day plan for the week tomorrow. Should involve some house cleaning and organization projects, getting the budget up and running again, and I want to get back to menu planning and freezer cooking to teach you guys how I do it and how it helps us keep to a (close to..I;m not sure, that's why I need to work on the budget!) $40/week grocery bill.

Love you girls!


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