Friday, November 4, 2011

My Morning Moment of Bliss

There is nothing I love more then waking up to a dark, rainy, windy fall morning; sitting outside on my porch with a hot cup of tea watching the wind blow through the trees and listening to the rain fall. To me it is such a relaxing, magical way to start the day. I'll light a few candles, cuddle up in my big cozy sweater, and enjoy the feeling of the hot tea in my hands. 

It is my ultimate "me time". I don't focus on anything that might be stressing me out or bothering me, I let my mind wander to happy thoughts. Right now what seems to be filling my soul are the Holidays! Lately when I'm having these moments to myself I love to flood my head with thoughts of Thanksgiving and everything I love so much about the holiday. Especially all those precious childhood memories! 

So for the next few minutes I am going to sit back, relax, and finish this delicious cup of tea! Happy Friday!


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