Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hello Autumn!

I thought a good first post for me after our SisBliss hiatus would be to write about my favorite time of year, the fall! And everything I love so much about the season. It will be hard to sum up and put into words, but here goes...

Ever notice how the fall just kinda creeps in? I can always feel the Earth changing. Even those last few days of Summer in September when the weather is still warm, there is something different about the air, the sun. Then you get that first cool, cloudy day and BAM! It's Fall. Time to pack away summer and pull out fall decorations!

My favorite part of any season is getting to decorate! I love the excitement of pulling out all the boxes and going through them. Then running around the house figuring out a good place to put everything. The boxes always have a particular smell to them. The smell of the decorations I suppose. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Then that night when the house is all decorated and candles are lit, you get to relax with a good seasonal movie and enjoy all your hard work! Or what I like to do is bake something special that night. There is nothing like the smell of something sinful baking in the oven to kick off the season!

There is nothing I love more then a blustery autumn day, sitting outside all bundled up in my favorite fall sweater with a cup of hot cider. I love the wind. The way it blows through the trees, carrying with it the leaves from the branches that have finally surrendered to the season. I love the sound of the dead leaves on the ground being stirred by the breeze. And the feeling of the crisp fall wind blowing the hair away from my face and neck. Such a rejuvenating sensation! 

And the smells! ahh the smells... Best part of any season in my mind. The smell of camp fires off in the distance and fallen leaves. The smell of apples and spices in the air. 

There is a magic in the fall air that is almost palpable. You can feel is all around you. The Earth has this eerie stillness, even when the wind is blowing. Like the world is finally relaxing after a long hard Spring and Summer of growing things and being lively. 

These kind of blustery fall days are the kind of days that I feel anything could happen and anything is possible. I do believe there is a magic in the world. A magic that is always there if you know where to look and is just waiting to be discovered. Or maybe is doesn't want to be discovered, and that is what makes it so special and mysterious.  

Fall is the time for homemade soup simmering on the stove. For apple pie, pumpkin bread, and anything with lots of cinnamon! It's for cozy nights in front of the fire, big fuzzy blankets, and a comfy couch. A hot cup of tea and a good book you can really get lost in. Or for one of those fantastical movies I've been waiting all year to watch (Tim Burton anyone?) 

Each season is wonderful and special in its own way. But autumn is the one that stirs something inside me!

I would love you girls to help me kick-off the rest of October with everything we love about the fall! What do you love most about the fall? What are some of your favorite fall memories?



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